Chapter One
The Middle Ages as a State of Mind

Chapter Two
Commedia dell’arte and Molière

Chapter Three
Shakespeare to Begin

Chapter Four
Euripides—Forever Modern

Chapter Five
Aeschylus—Writing in an Age of Certainty

Chapter Six
Sophocles and Aristotle—Defining Tragedy

Chapter Seven
Greek Comedy

Chapter Eight
Roman Theater

Chapter Nine
Asian Classics and Rules

Chapter Ten
China—the Pear Garden and the Red Pear Garden

Chapter Eleven
Neoclassic Theater and Why There is Such a Thing

Chapter Twelve
Shakespeare’s Classic

Chapter Thirteen
Bad Boys Breaking the Rules

Chapter Fourteen
Inside Outside

Chapter Fifteen
Beyond Illusion

Chapter Sixteen
Melodrama and Popular Theater in America

Chapter Seventeen
American Classic: Eugene O’Neill and Martha Graham

Chapter Eighteen
Expressionism to Epic

Chapter Nineteen
American Agitprop (Overt and Disguised)

Chapter Twenty
Poetry of the Theater

Chapter Twenty-One
Personal Mythology

Chapter Twenty-Two
Two Masters: Samuel Beckett and Tennessee Williams

Chapter Twenty-Three
Theater of Identity

Chapter Twenty-Four
Missing from History


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